Our rose gold products are lovingly designed and perfectly sprayed just to give the right amount of glamour and chic. They are unlike anything else available and completely unique.



Lola, our rose gold love heart is a showstopper and at 3ft tall she is a perfect accompaniment to any day and theme. She looks fabulous behind your cake, in front of your top table, in-between your initials or simply on her own!


Tallulah, our beautiful mini 2ft LOVE letters are stunning and a favourite of ours (we also have 2ft LOVE letters in the classic white) they compliment LOLA our rose gold heart perfectly. Or are a fabulous way to still have some lighting even if you don't have much space.



Rose Gold Frame

Our beautiful rose gold frame fitted with our twinkly copper micro light curtain oozes elegance and style. Complete the look by styling it with Lola or Tallulah at your insta-worthy wedding!!