Ayesha & Phil are possibly the most beautiful couple you will meet, they have A LOT of friends and family so because of this decided to wave goodbye to most of them…..and then ‘BOOKED IT’ ‘PACKED IT’ & well you know the rest!!

They landed in NEW YORK CITY to sit in line
at the City Hall to be wed (in style!)

All very Sex in the City ………Mr Big (aka Phil) didn't let Ayesha down on this front either. They had a ceremony in Central Park, ate pretzels the size of their heads, had photos on Brooklyn Bridge and stayed in some of the city’s swankiest hotels!

Soooooo when they came home and wanted to share some of this LOVE with their closest friends and family, well they had big ‘event’ shoes to fill!

So Ayesha contacted us at LLTW and gave us the brief….

Fun, chic, celebration, modern, unique and a shindig to rival all shindigs…….

So we set to work with some ideas to suit them both and the space they had.

Our NEON love heart; ROXY took pride of place in this booking. The colour pop it added was perfect for the party vibe they both wanted to create. Then the light up letters….well nothing else came close to ‘DRUNK’ in lights!!! This was how Ayesha & Phil wanted everyone to be as they enjoyed the night and a bit of instruction is always handy!!!

Soooooo imagine this

With them back on home soil and the wedding do details kept a big secret, the guests gathered as per their invite outdoors in a random spot in town……

….you’re stood there with the growing crowd, you hear a brass band (yes you read that right!) getting closer, then with your mini prosecco bottle & straw in hand, Bride and Groom leading the way, you’re dancing through the streets of Manchester City Centre to the sound of Twist Tubes (an epic band of all proportions)


The WHOLE CITY danced with them as they passed by (a small ode to their New York City wedding itself). Then as they entered their venue space and the band tailed off the lights were there to greet everyone and set the tone for the rest of the evening …. party, drink and enjoy!!!

What a wedding!!!

Congrats Ayesha & Phil; and thank you for letting ‘Love Lights the Way’ light up YOUR big day YOUR way!!!

We love you guys xxxxxxxxxxx

Cass from Cassandra Lane
Helen from Schryver photo
Sally Emerton