Make a BIG, bold statement of your love for each other with our 6ft light up letters – the largest size we offer. 

Expertly hand crafted, each letter is fully enclosed for added safety, set off with the shimmer of sparkling fairground-style Cabochon caps. Perfect for casting your day in a beautiful light. 

We also use energy-efficient LED bulbs that keep their cool even when they’re shining all day long, so no worries about fingers getting singed. 

At 6ft tall and 3.2ft wide, the sheer size of our light up love letters will make a towering impression and unforgettable photos on your wedding day.


Make a much brighter message for your wedding or event with our biggest range of light up letters. 

Our master crafters can create every letter in the alphabet, all numbers and even special characters. Whatever you want to say, this is your chance to make it light up the stage. 

Every letter we create for you will be expertly hand crafted, fully enclosed and lit up with the dazzling designs of our low-watt LED bulbs. 

You’re free to express yourself in lights. Whether you decide on your company name, an important birthday or a wow-worthy message, we’ll bring the brightness to you and set everything up just as you want it.


Ever dreamed of seeing your name in lights? We’d love to make that dream a reality. 

Seeing the sparkle of your new, shared surname will add a warm glow to your wedding day. We can create any name you need in our stunning range of 4ft tall light up letters. 

As we know your name in lights will make a stunning centrepiece on your big day, we concentrate on getting all the details right. Each letter in your name will be fully enclosed for safety, with low-watt LED bulbs that won’t burn even little fingers.


Our festoon lights create a dreamy, dazzling ambience whether you want to hang them inside or outside. They’re wonderful for lighting the way along a path or simply adding highlights to your marquee.


The bright branches of our 8ft blossom trees will cast wedding gift tables and seating plan stands in a beautiful light. They can also highlight entrances in a gorgeous golden glow.


We understand how important your big day is to you, so we’d be delighted to offer more help in any way we can. We’re happy to match you up with the wedding specialists we work with and more – just ask us!